The Institute teaches both native and foreign students. Departments of English, German, French and Ukrainian Languages as well as Specialized Engineering Faculties ( English, French and German) have courses for native students.

An in-depth teaching the foreign languages is carried out in the above-named faculties by the pedagogical staff of the English and French Departments.

The trends of teaching:

mastering taught language courses ,which are compulsory in the University,by all the students;
in-depth study of foreign languages leading to the certificate in which the level of language knowledge is stated;
studying sub-language in the given speciality for communication on a professional level and in case of exchanges with institutions abroad.

Teaching is carried out according to curricula and textbooks used in countries-bearers of languages.

Teaching in Specialized Engineering Faculties is carried out according to curricula which are to a large extent approximate to those used by leading institutions of European countries.

Foreign students study languages together with native students. Those who do not speak Russian are to have a year of pre-University training at the Preparatory Faculty.

The University offers exchanges with foreign universities. There are special agreements on cooperation between our University and universities in foreign countries.

Admission of foreign students and native students who want to study at the specialized faculties is carried out according to Entry Requirements.