Admission Requirements

Admission to the Institute is carried out on a contract basis either directly with students or with other persons, organizations and enterprises representing students.

Admission procedure requires the applicants to submit a filled out form.

The following documents are also to be submitted:
- a copy of the educational certificate;
- a certificate stated that there is no contra-indication for the student to live in Ukraine.
- certificate about finishing the preparatory faculty (if a student studies in Russian).

In case all the information is available for the University, the Agreement (contract) is sent to the prospective student to be studied and signed.

If a prospective student agrees with all the clauses of the Agreement he is to transfer to the University 50% of the first-year tuition fee stated in the Agreement. Then the formal offer of a place will be made by the University that allows the student to obtain a visa for entry to Ukraine.

Tuition fees for the following years are paid later in accordance with the Agreement.

Entrance requirements may be different depending on the faculty where the student is going to study.

Applications should be made to the Authority of the Institute of International Cooperation. The address is: 340000, Ukraine, Donetsk, Artyom Street, 58. Donetsk State Technical University, Institute of International Cooperation.

Telephone: +38 (0622) 93-43-74
Fax: +38 (0622) 92-12-78