Faculty was created in 1995.

Dean - Associate Professor Sergej Kovalev.

Honorary Dean - Professor Dr, Dr h.c. Zenon J. Pudlowski, Monash University, Australia

Teaching of speciality "Computer and intellectual systems and netwoks" is done in English (diplomas of Bachelor of science, engineer, Master of science).

Admission to the faculty is possible for foreigners (from the 1st year) as well as for the Ukrainians (after successfull 1st year of studies in mother tongue).

Annual admission - 25 students.

In scientific, educational and methodic problems the faculty co-operates with the Technical University of Lodz (Poland), the University of Portsmouth (Great Britain), Shtudgart (Germany) and also with the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (Melbourn, Australia).

Telephone: +38 (0622) 93-43-74
Fax: +38 (0622) 92-12-78
E-mail: kovalev@pop.dgtu.donetsk.ua