As a structural unit of Donetsk State Technical University it was founded in 1995. Its history goes back to 1970 with the foundation of Foreign Students' Training Office, Department of Russian Language as a foreign one and a group of international activity.

At present the institute includes:

English Engineering Faculty;
German Engineering Faculty;
French Engineering Faculty;
International Office;
Foreign Students' Training Office;
Departments of English, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian languages;
Department of Cultural Science.

Organizational management of the institute is done by the authority, managing body being the Institute Council.

The program target of the institute is the integration of Donetsk State Technical University into the international system of technical university education.

The target is realized in the following directions:

Educating students in full or partial teaching in foreign languages according to academic plans and programs that maximum correlate with demands of foreign universities;
Advanced teaching of foreign languages and education of students in foreign universities;
Establishment of business contacts with the leading universities and university centers abroad and conducting scientific researches in the sphere of science, technology and education together with them;
Preparing specialists for foreign countries.

The institute possesses comfortable students` hostel with the rooms for two people. Payment for education and residence makes up from 1000 to 1400 USD per year.

The institute entry requirements for the Ukrainians are the same as the university ones on the whole, but the student has to have a good command of a foreign language. The first academic semester the student is taught in Russian on the chosen speciality. Then, according to contest results on the terms of individual contract, he (she) can become a student of English, German or French Faculty. During the educational process a student has an opportunity to improve his/her knowledge of foreign language as besides disciplines in foreign language the academic plan presupposes enough quantity of hours for language learning. More detailed entry requirements are determined by the faculty.

Institute address:
Ukraine, 83000 Donetsk, Artyom Street 58, room 1.309
Tel. (0622) 92-20-06
Fax (0622) 92-12-78

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