Foreign Students' Training Office

Foreign Students' Training Office is a structural unit of the Institute of International Cooperation.

It was created in 1970.

Its aim is to administrate the teaching process for foreign students studying all the specialities which are taught in the University on the level of "Bachelor", "Engineer", "Master".

Till 1997 the institute has prepared more 2000 of engineers and Ph.Ds for 64 countries of the world.

Dean- Vladimir Pashinsky, Associate Professor, PhD(Engineering).

Foreign Students' Training Office is responsible for registration students, their attendance and progress in studies, exit and entrance visas and diplomas.

Teaching procedure requires the students to attend all kinds of studies envisaged by the curriculum and the time-table( both lectural and practical ones).Material missed by students is to be worked off and gaps in study- liquidated.

Students can be transferred to the following year of study after the programme of the previous year has been successfully completed.

The Dean organizes and administrates the work of the Preparatory Faculty.

Telephone : + 38 (0622) 93-43-74
Fax : + 38 (0622) 92-12-78