Specialities in which DonSTU trains foreign students in 1999-2000 (Bachelor of science, engineer, Master of science in engineering)

Mining art 1. Mineral deposits prospecting
2. Dressing of minerals
3. Mining and underground construction
4. Mine surveying
5. Drilling
Metallurgy 1. Metallurgy of ferrous metals
2. Pressure treatment of metals
Ecology Ecology
Engineering 1. Mining equipment
mechanics 2. Technology of machine building
3. Metal cutting machine tools and systems
4. Metallurgical equipment
5. Equipment of chemical industries and building materials enterprises
Power engineering Heat-power engineering
Chemical technology 1. Chemical technology of fuel and carbonic materials
and engineering 2. Chemical technology of refractory non-metallic and silicate material
3. Chemical technology of high-molecular compounds
4. Chemical technology of organic agents
Geology Geology
Geodesy, cartography and land amelioration Geodesy
Electromechanics 1. Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive
2. Electromechanical equipment of energy-intensive plants
Management 1. Management of enterprises
2. International activity management
Automation and computer-integration technologies Automation control of technological processes and productions
Materials engineering 1.Applied materials engineering
2. Physical metallurgy
Electrical engineering 1. Electric power plants
2. Electric systems and networks
3. Electric systems of electric consumption
Electronics Electronic systems
Computer sciences 1. Automatic systems` software
2. Information control systems and technologies
Computer 1. Computer systems and networks
engineering 2. Specialty computer systems
Computerized systems, automation and control Systems of control and automation
Economics 1. International economics
2. Accounting and audit
3. Enterprise economics
4. Economic cybernetics
Telecommunications Telecommunication systems and networks



Last updated: 5th of February, 2000.