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  • Academician at International Academy of Ecological Science and Safety Spb. (Donetsk Branch)
  • ;
  • Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of Electric Power supply of Industry and Cities at Donetsk National TEchnical University (DonNTU)
  • ;
  • Vice-Director of Institute of International Cooperation;
  • member of international editorial board of "Man in the social world" journal (Russia);
  • member of international editorial board of "Delphice" magazine (Russia);
  • member of productive-financial committee of "Courrier of water economy and ecology" journal (Ukraine);
  • member of International Scientific Council Psychic Energy Research Association;
  • member of International Union of Machine-builders
  • .

    List of scientific works

    In 1986 has graduated from Donetsk State Technical University in speciality of "Electric Power supply of Industry and Cities" (diploma with awards). While studying in the University took part in students' building brigade in Syberia, Germany, former Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria. In narrow circles he is known as an author and a singer of songs in different languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and others). You are offered several of his songs recorded on home computer (without arrangement):

  • Donetsk at night;
  • I haven't been home for only two weeks;
  • Dedication to the daughter;
  • My uchito v DPI-to (student's song)
  • Suliko (student's song)
  • Russian-Ukrainian student's song "What wonderful evenings in Ukraine";
  • "Farewell of a polytechnician" (student's song);
  • Student's song of an electric engineer;
  • Firicita (student's song);
  • anthem of Sevastopol conference;
  • Project "Anthem IIC" (dedicated to 10-th anniversary of IIC);
  • Motherland;
  • Ukraine;
  • Father's song;
  • To Mother (Ukrainian);
  • To Mother (Russian);
  • Tchornobryvzi;
  • Time for love;
  • Feelings;

    He founded a public newspaper "Oriflame". In 1981 passed an exam and got a brown belt in classic Japanese school Shotokan and an international certificate.

    . In 2004, in the anniversary year of the club "Mirage-74", where he is a a member, he got a certificate of National Federation of hand-to-hand fighting of Ukraine, stating that he is awarded qualification 2 Dan. He is married. Has a son.

    In 1991 in Kharkov Technical University has defended thesis on Ph.D. in Engineering in speciality of "Electric Apparatus". Has undergone 3-months courses of skills training in Moscow Enegetic Institute(Russia), Portsmouth University (Great Britain), Philadelphia Scientific Centre (USA).

    He occupied different positions at Donetsk Metallurgical Plant. He worked as a vice-dean in organisational and tutorial work of Power faculty. Being in this position he organised an international scientific seminar having invited the leading scientists. An experienced teacher (15 years of teaching). At the present moment takes an active part in implementation and development of computer accounting in enterprises of Donetsk Region.

    He delivers lectures on the following disciplines:

    Modern computer technologies;
    Mathematic methods and models;
    athematic tasks of power industry.

    The main scientific interests:
    - Ethics, Culture and the Science of Future;
    - hydrogen generation and non-traditionl power engineering;
    - philosophy of techniques anf science of risks;
    - ecology and harmonisation of information space, etc.

    Since June 1999 he is a Head of the International Office of DonNTU. In June 1997 took part in Ukrainian-American seminar "Working people' health in Donbass" held under aegis of National Research Commettee, U.S. Academy of Science; since 1999 - participant of regional academic partnership (REAP program) with Portsmouth University (Great Britain), head of the module; since 2000 is a responsible executive person of the program creating "Centre of Industrial Assessment" which won the grant of Ministry of US Energetics together with Philadelphia Scientific Centre, due to this project he has visited a number of US cities (New-York, Washington, Los-Angeles, Philadelphia, San-Diego) to undergo training in corresponding universities+practice in Ford plants. Near N.K. Roerich's museum in New-York together with its Director - Daniil Entin. This year he has passed an international exam in English language (9th level of Trinity-test) of London College. Takes an active part in development of new courses (now it's the course "Philosophy of technique").

    He is also a web-master of the portal Oriflame which in 1999 won the overall Ukrainian competition of non-commercial projects held by Kiev journal "Internet-marketing". Other awards.

    Other Internet projects supported (or held by) S.G. Dzhura:

  • Mirror of Donetsk National Technical University;
  • Mirror of Institute of International Cooperation (DonNTU);
  • Department of Electric Power supply of Industry and Cities (DonNTU);
  • "Oriflame" library;
  • NPO "Energosoyuz".
  • Association of Researches of Phsyco-energy;
  • Sophie and Alexander Nashelsky;
  • International Non-governmental Association "Ethics and the science of Future".

    * A little bit about etymology of the word 'Dzhura'. It goes back to ancient times:
    1) According to encyclopaedia 'djura' means ' henchman or armour-bearer' of kazak officer in XVIXVIII centuries. Thus Bohdan Kchmelnizky had his 'djuras' - 'armour-bearers'. Transient rank from student to master was 'djura';
    2) In Iranian language group it means 'friend'.
    Maybe you know some other meanings?

    Finally, just a number of funny associasions (as we were taught in students' theatre of miniatures for better remembering!):
    - there is Dzhura island and a bay in Great Britain;
    - there is a book by G.P. Tushkan "Dzhura". - .: Biblioteka prikljuchenij, 1966;
    - there is a film "Dzhura" after this book (Director . Bergunker. 1964, 11 episodes, black-and-white 1 h 51 min. each) about Soviet power becoming in Kirgizia, the film is represented in "National Film" sector;
    - there is a publishing house "Dzhura" in Ternopil (Ukraine);
    - waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur in the Crimea;
    - there is an old dish recipe called Dzhur in slavonic cuisine;
    - there is even Scotch whiskey Duglas Oil of Dzhura. It's expensive though!
    But, of course, Sergey Georgievich Dzhura has nothing to do with alcohol drink :)


    Summaries of lectures:

  • Mathematic methods and models (2nd year).
  • Mathematic tasks of power engineerig (3rd year).
  • Supplement to "Mathematic tasks of power engineerig" (3rd year). it's under testing...

    Methodic instructions for laboratory works and course projects:

  • Laboratory works on mathematic methods and models (2nd year).
  • Laboratory works on mathematic tasks of power engineerig (3rd year). DjVu format
  • Course project on mathematic tasks of power engineerig (3rd year).

    Other documents (it might interest the Dean's office of my faculty):

  • Academic-methodic cards of disciplines I teach.

    Bonus (for students): the song of Sergey Soleny "Ballad about a fellow" (3 - 3 mb).


    tel: 38 (062) 337-32-66
    fax: 38 (062) 304-12-78

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