International Office

Office on International Activity is a structural unit if the Institute of International Cooperation (IIC) of Donetsk State Technical University (DonSTU).

The office is an informational-analytical center oriented on analytical activity, which causes development, expansion and consolidation of international connections and authority of the University in the world.

Main aims and tasks of the Office

Coordination of work of faculties, departments and other structural units of IIC and DonSTU in raising efficiency of international contract relationships with foreign partners.
Analysis of the results and perspectives of existing contract relations with foreign higher educational institutions-partners.
Collecting, analysis and processing information in database about foreign educational institutions, scientific societies, international funds and programs.
Providing services in admission of foreign experts and students to DonSTU, and also in sending DonSTU experts and students abroad on terms of contract relations with the universities-partners or within the limits of international grants provided by organizations.
Analytical work on search of new forms of work and new partners abroad which provides additional sources of financing through grants and joint projects, provides consolidation of authority of the University in sphere of scientific-industrial-finance unions and organizations of the world.
Advertisement of scientific, methodic, teaching elaborations of DonSTU abroad, also through INTERNET.
Organization of University participation in international, national, regional meetings (conferences, exhibitions, fairs etc.).

Structure of the Office

The Office has the following sectors:

Sector of entrance-exit documents registration and service.
Sector of language accompaniment.
Sector of foreign funds and international activity.
Sector of computer database and local network.

The staff of the Office consists of eight members.

Director of the Office - Sergey Dzhura, Ph.D.

In case of any questions contact:

Address: Ukraine, 83000, Donetsk, Artyom Street-58, DonSTU, room 1.220
Tel. +38 (0622) 92-12-78, 91-08-25
Fax +38 (0622) 92-12-78