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Internet as technical prototype of Noosphere

Sergey Georgievich Dzhura, candidate of sciences,
E-mail: dzhura@roerich.com

Now science is reassigned to give what religion
couldnt give, that is knowledge of matter
and Outer space (cosmos). Does it really
matter where the knowledge of unquestionable
comes from? Let any expert work on sating space
with leading ideas of the epoch.
Border of Agni Yoga v. 4, 404.

The goal of this article is an attempt to understand the phenomenon of technology and its role in the mankinds evolution. Lets consider two extreme positions on this account. One of them concludes that the technology-facilitated mens life from one side causes troubles or even leads to deadlock from another. An example of this can be many social and ecological problems of mankind. And existence of the technology itself, like the technology for itself not inspired by ultimate goal leads to technocracy. Besides, in accordance with this point of view, technology shows indulgence towards everlasting human laziness (its thesis is: "Let machines do everything instead of me"). And this point has its followers. Indeed since the invention the wheel which relieved manual labour, people also try to put on the shoulders of machines electronic calculating machines brainwork. Does evolution or involution realize through the technology.

Another well-known position affirms that everything is fine and let electricity replace any labour (word from famous song of the beginning of the century). Soon humanity will rest on laurels of its own technocracy, but will it become happier than before? Isnt it a mirage? Very often people having reached something quickly have become disappointed with it. It happens when current mans goal doesnt correspond with that of the evolution. And only if there is such a consent, this venture wont be in vain.

The third position of the golden mean between two mentioned above probably is close to the truth. As far as truth has one peculiarity it doesnt express itself in extremes. Accepting that the first and the second are right in their own way lets peer at the way of the evolution of mankind which is traced in stars and reflected in Testaments given to humanity. And in the light of this lets look at the problem of the use of technology . Here, probably the sense of such subject as "Philosophy of the technology lies in. This subject is taught in a number of foreign universities. The author has series of articles devoted to this topic. Some of them are located on the mentioned server.

So, what is the evolutional sense of the technology What are its prospects? It is known that only a little of mans potential has been discovered . According to different appreciations those whom we call genius have realized their potential abilities approximately at 7%, those whom we call people with feeble mental maturity to 3%, the rest lies somewhere in these limits. Lets look for an answer in the studies (Learnings of Agni Yoga as the best synthesis of the knowledge of the past). The studies were given in the XX century. Thus in verges of Agni Yoga IV.8, 314) we read: The telescope, radio and television represent only imperfect imitation of apparatus of living beings. Moreover animals, fish, birds and insects possess such sensitive and refined apparatus to duplicate which people are unable. Now the development goes on the way of mechanical and technical progress, but the aim of the Evolution is to equip a man without any instrument for in his microcosmos the most amazing and perfect gear is contained in its potential. We call it fiery. It is possible to see, hear and transmit thought at a distance. But all these distances are not limited. We have arranged the plan of mans development quite definitely. One day all mechanical instruments and devices will be destroyed but the spirit of apparatus is uneliminated and our mission is to turn the strivings of humanity to achievement of non-destructive acquisitions. The task is incredibly difficult because of unbelief and negations. Dull ignorance possesses even minds of those who could lead be the paths of True Knowledge. The way we have planned is clear and straight. It is the way of the Evolution that is defined by Volition of Cosmic Intellect. It had been organized before a man appeared on your planet.

And what do we have? Is it the senseless technology? Is it an atavism useless for the evolution? Probably, no. Lets try to comment on the given thesis. The point is that while creating technology man has to get to know himself. As it is mentioned above all technical discovering are the prototypes of what already exist in nature. Lets consider it on the example of the highest achievement of modern technology a computer as, is known, it has been created by the prototype and in the image of mans brain, moreover only one of its half because the mechanism of thinking of another one isnt clear enough yet. According to many academicians namely unknown part of human brain is responsible for, creative and inventive activity of a man. That is why the computers activity now resembles the activities of a well known character from Dogs heart he thought with one cerebral hemisphere. So, practically it is a clinical case. And if calculating operations in electronic calculating machines hadnt been realized like man-machine procedure (that is if man hadnt taken the second part-creative), it wasnt possible to talk about any achievements in this sphere. That is why there is no automatic design today (only on machine) and there is only auto rendering automatic that is described above. Machine can fulfill only pseudo creative functions, mainly, in the limits of the pawned program, namely because the second part of mans cerebrum isnt implemented in it yet.

Go on in our analysis. Lets take the last technical phenomenon of mankind the world wide network Internet. The author, who has worked actively for some years in it thinks that it is a technical prototype of noosphere about which V.I.Vernadsky wrote in the beginning of the century. It is the prototype of that mental sphere about which is said in Living Ethic. Here yon find the highest as well as the lowest. Technology helps to get to certain virtual worlds: mental and astral. And here in particular attractive force of this phenomenon lies. And also the fact that every one has an opportunity to express oneself i.e. results of his creative work can be seen many people all over the world. As for the quality of information present in the Network (it is accepted to write with capital letter the word Internet in scientific literature), according to different appreciation it is as follows: more than 90% is the useless or unconcealedly harmful involution information. And only less than 10% is useful (i.e. museums, libraries and others trends of Culture and Science). How can we resist the pressure of anticulture, which has grown up and is drawing through technical means not breaking the cosmic law of free will? Directions of activity have been mentioned in Agni Yoga for a long time (for example, how lessen harmful line without touching it? To draw longer one).

We would like to share our experience of work in the Network a year ago when the official site of Donetsk inner-cultural center Oriflame was elaborated. Its address is http://www.roerich.com. Here the biggest electronical library d on the questions of synthesis of science religion and philosophy, heritage of the family of Roerich and E.P.Blavatskaya and adjacent questions is located. We would like to thank those who visibly and invisibly helpto collect, find and spread our common library. This library has been created by the whole group of similarminded persons from different cities and countries over 10 years. That is why we call it our common library ( It is located on our web site). The library is available to any user free of charge (while Internet is the commercial Network and many people try to make money there). Its texts are also sent free of charge to those who make E-mail orders .

In our opinion the disposition of the Doctrine as the most powerful informational cross-roads can be characterized by the following parable from The signs of Agni Yoga (4.669) How to disseminate your Doctrine, Master? How to discover those who are to carry out Your word? And said Master in reminding: Hermit for those whom to give Revelation. And he carried out the list and put it on crossroads. Let the supreme indicate who will find his edicts and a girl came and wrapped up bread in writings of roll but hermit made up another list and again put it on the crossroads. And a merchant came and covered the roll with figures of his income but hermit wasnt tired to put another list and so on up to the termination of his affairs and his days. When the supreme asked him how he had distributed his Doctrine he answered: I cannot judge which bird will twist the best nest from tracing.

And we dont know who will give it back to torment, who will consign it to oblivion and who will put it under head of his bed to establish his foundation over it. I dont think I was wrong to give my work for the use of unknown for me. And Master established distribution of the Doctrine without face, impatience irritation and expectation.

Let you give it without judging those whom you give it and without. Bird, carry the Doctrine and while flying let it down to the hearth where people live and know about getting in foreseeing. Take the Doctrine to the crossroads.

The given parable about distribution of the Doctrine in our opinion characterizes location of the electronic library in the Network. Because of the electronic library being open for users all over the world twenty four- hours a day while transmitting useful information, computer can become like a candle (and Internet is a technical prototype of Noosphere, in our opinion). There is too little of such information in the Network. Figuratively speaking from one computer as from one candle (icon-lamp) another candles are litand so on. Then these texts begin their own life and through these candles.

Help to build Temple of the Future in your hearts and share it with those who need it.

There are the following devices in our electronic library:

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There are about 700 appellations of 80 MB of volume in compact form in our library and it is always supplemented. For comparison 1,5 Mb of the archived text that is 3 volumes of E.I.Roerichs letters. Each volume is 500-600 pages of printed text. What do we need it for? The process of looking for information becomes easier. It is very important and comfortable in a scientific research. You have a lot at your hand. Also important moment is the simplicity of transmission of the text to those who need it. It turned out that many of the Russian-speaking community dont have the possibility to buy books in the Russian language. Once we received a letter with words of gratitude: You cant imagine how much do you do for the Russian-speaking community and Russian culture.

It is the highest appreciation for us. Its worth to work. By the way, last year, the first year of its existence, our site won the Ukrainian competition among non-commercial projects which was held by Kiev journal the Internet-marketing. We have strong connections with the countries of the CIS and also with the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and many others.

Besides the electronically library differs very much from the usual one. It is possible to write notice: You may not return borrowed books! It is true. The Electronic library does not get exhausted when giving out books because it is normal copying of information for the computer. There is a possibility to serve large number of visitors twenty-four-hours a day all over the world. The site itself, the electronic library page of Oriflammewith the mentioned electronic library is locatedin the USA but is managed from the Ukraine. Imagine you manage the machine, which is locatedin another country over the ocean. It is a fantastic novel, it is reality of nowa days, it is a demonstration of modern possibilities of science and technology. The main thing is that these possibilities should be used for the good of mankind that is to work for the evolution. On the first page of our library we thank those who helped and help creating our library. We always feel help from above. For example when the first attempt of this library was made we came across the problem of bandwidth(it was low) and our visitors complained about low speed and sometimes as consequence impossibility to retrieve books. At that time we put a notice that if someone could give his resources at the disposal of our library all our users would be grateful. And there was such a man He asked to send an account for him to pay for it. And he (at that time unknown man for me) kept his word. So our site (the electronic page) has now good speed and sufficient capacity. The whole site is open for any visitor free. For those who dont have an admission to the Network we made CD with the whole library and also with the reproductions of Roerichs pictures with the music we sing at our meetings. You can order this CD at our URL address http://roerich.com/ or simply Ukraine, 83050, Donetsk 50, p.b.3481.

Those who seriously work with the Doctrine and science have the opportunity to work actively with the texts. Weve got a good reference from the Director of the University of the East (Moscow), academician R.B.Rybakov, the Director of the Roerichs museum in New-York Daniel Entin sent us the letter in which he expressed admiration of the work done. Some selected letters that came to us are displayed on our site. Also any one who wants can fill in the electronic guests book. Our site is open for all people who work in this tendency. We place necessary information for free access. In the division News there are announcements of charitable E.I. Roerich fund, Novosibirsky Roerich society, St-Petersburg department of International Center of the Roerich (Moscow) and so on. A lot of people send their publications and after the experts evaluation we include them into our library, as the author wants. We are waiting for your proposals.

There is also a new thing in communication of similar-minded persons through the Internet. The question is the union of people by the Network not only by letters and announcement in present time (plus Cultural sites of cause) but also a new form-electronic forums. There is an electronic site about Agni Yoga, which is possible to reach from our site. There is also some other Internet pages available from our site: The Roerich museum in New-York, the site of International Roerich center, Roerich community in Estonia, Maitreya Sangha site in Washington, Philosophy and esoteric tradition site, Internet journal Agni with forum, site of Medical academy of spirit of development of Dnepropetrovsk, the newspaper Banner of the Peace and so on. By the word the inner resources of the Network are various and here we also need recognition. As far as sites have also negative organizations and odious persons (I dont want to mention them here not to make more advertisement for them). In connection with all mentioned above Id like to give one saying from the verges of Agni Yoga which come true thanks to the technology (v.8, 241): "People used not to know what was happening in the adjacent country and even in the neighboring town because news were very slow and today distances aint obstacles. What is happening on the opposite and of the Earth immediately becomes known. Technology has united the nations. One can imagine how will.

It seems that everything is prepared to the fact of taking away borders separating people. And technical progress and scientific discoveries and life are directed towards the same direction, in spite of counteraction of darkness and this direction has the aim in brotherly cooperation in Peace and unity. This is the Order of the Evolution".

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