Gennadij Sergeevitch Klyagin

Born in 03.03.1937.

In 1959 has graduated from Donetsk State Technical University as engineer-mechanic, speciality of Mechanic equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical plants.

In 1969 has obtained Ph.D. in Scientific-research and design-constructing Institute of metallurgical machine-building.

Sphere of scientific interests:

Development and improvement of technologies and equipment connected with the utilization of wastes of metallurgical industry.
Improvement of technologies and equipment for non-dusty unloading, transporting and preparation for utilization of metal containing wastes of metallurgical and other industries.
Development of schemes of dusts and slimes preparation for their usage in technological flows of agglomeration factories.
Development of new technologies and equipment for nodulizing and processing of wastes in order to extract precious components (including method of recirculation of wastes in industry).
Development of new schemes and equipment for organizing small wastes and ecologically safe metallurgical processes.
Equipment and design on metallurgical enterprises.

Mr. Klyagin has about 100 publications and 32 author certificates and patents.

Practical activity:

Associate professor, head of Pig-and-or Thermal Processes and Small-wastes Technologies.
Dean of French Engineering Faculty of DonSTU.