Information about the Center

Certification Center works under the guidance of and on behalf of Paris Chamber of Commerce.

The system of certification is international. Knowledge of candidate of any country who subscribed for passing an examination, is estimated according to one and the same international criteria and in accordance with the demands of Business French and world Francophone.

Any person for whom French is not a mother tongue, can be a candidate for passing an exam: enterprise staff who use French (secretaries, clerks, engineers, technicians, other categories of staff); students who want to use French in their professional life.

In France, while seeking for job, the priorities are given to those foreign specialists who have a certificate or a diploma of Paris Chamber of Commerce. In some commercial higher educational establishments one of the demands is a presence of exam certificate of Paris Chamber of Commerce as a condition of entering for non-francophone students.

Diplomas and certificatesgiven out by Paris Chamber of Commerce through Certification Centers of DonSTU:


  1. Practical certificate of Commercial and Economic French.
  2. Higher diploma in Business French.
  3. Advanced diploma in Business French.


    1. Certificate of Legal French.
    2. Certificate of French for secretaries.
    3. Certificate of French for tourism and hotel keeping.
    4. Certificate of scientific-technical French.

DonSTU provides services in preparation for passing examinations for obtaining diploma or a certificate of Paris Chamber of Commerce.

The first set of examinations took place in December 1997 - Certificate of French for scientific-technical professions.