Informaton about experts training

In Donetsk State Technical University the experts on mechanical engineering, standardization and quality management are prepared with training in French on the Mechanical Engineering Department. The students get base university education on a direction "Engineering Mechanics" within first four years, and after five years of studying they receive the expert diplomas. Simultaneously the students get the practical skills on cutting tools with obtaining the professional worker certificates (turner, driller etc.).

It is suggested that our specialists with knowledge of French will be used for working at enterprises and firms in French speaking countries for development of scientific and technical connections in the field of mechanical engineering. If you have become interested in our offer you can invite the students supervised by the University teacher to perform a certain practical work at your enterprise for them to get adapted to the working conditions of your enterprise. The terms of students training is about 6 weeks since July till September.

For the additional information contact the chief of the Mechanical Engineering chair professor A.Mikchaylov.